Corporate Responsibility

Corporations have a responsibility to the groups and individuals that they affect. For us, that includes shareholders, clients, employees, communities, and the environments we operate in. 

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Steel Reef currently owns over 259 km of pipeline and 8 assets spread across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. See our complete list here:

All Facilities

Management Team

The management team at Steel Reef—whom together have over 65 years of combined experience—bring to the corporation a quality blend of technical, business and commercial expertise. 

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What we Do

Steel Reef forms the link between upstream producers and downstream distributors, offering creative solutions in an industry that is constantly changing.

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The Midstream Sector

Transportation, Processing, Storage.

The Oil and Gas industry is a complex, multifaceted series of operations that comprise three distinct sectors. We've simplified it for you with a brief summary and a visual chart to show you how oil and gas gets from the ground to the market and how Steel Reef fits into the system...

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