Kisbey Gas plant

Kisbey Gas Plant


The Kisbey Gas Plant is stationed approximately 25 kilometers East of Stoughton, Saskatchewan. In 2016, SRIC purchased the majority ownership and therefor operatorship the plant. The gas processing services cover inlet compression, sour gas incineration, and the production of a C3/C4 blend along with a stabilized C5+ condensate blend, both of which are trucked out. Gas is received through various batteries connected via an extensive pipeline network that includes two field compressors.

Facility Specifications

Licensed Capacity – 5 MMcf/d

Licensed Maximum Inlet H2S – 0.6%

Ownership Interests

Steel Reef Infrastructure – 50%

Product Deliveries

Sales Gas – TransGas Pipeline

C3/C4 Mix – Trucked out

C5+ Mix – Trucked out

Product Recoveries

C3 – 59%

C4 – 85%

C5+ – 98%

Associated Pipeline

54 kms

South Eastern Saskatchewan 

South Eastern Saskatchewan