North Portal gas plant

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The North Portal Gas Plant was a two-phased greenfield project built from the ground-up by Steel Reef. The facility—which is located outside the town of North Portal, along the border of Saskatchewan and North Dakota—remains Steel Reef's largest operating facility to date. The North Portal Gas Plant is fully owned by Steel Reef and connected to an extensive network of pipelines located approximately 30 kilometers Southeast of Estevan. The plant receives its gas from an array of batteries and is capable of gas processes such as inlet compression, sour gas incineration and injection. Additionally, the plant produces a C3+/NGL blend which is trucked out.

Facility Specifications:

Licensed Capacity – 24.5 MMcf/d

Licensed Maximum Inlet H2S – 3%

Ownership Interests:

Steel Reef Corp – 100%

Product Deliveries:

Sales Gas – TransGas Pipeline

C3+ Mix – Trucked out

Product Recoveries:

C3 – 62%

C4 – 85%

C5+ – 97%

Associated Pipelines

36.3 km

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