Midstream overview

Broadly speaking, there are three distinct sectors of the oil and gas industry; upstream, midstream and downstream.

The upstream sector is responsible for locating and extracting raw product (crude oil and natural gas) via drilling operations. These companies are known as Exploration and Production companies, or E&P companies.

The midstream industry processes, stores, markets and transports commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs, mainly ethane, propane and butane) and sulphur. The midstream provides the vital link between the petroleum producing areas and the population centers where most consumers are located. 

The downstream industry includes oil refineries, petrochemical plants, petroleum products distributors, retail outlets and natural gas distribution companies.

Figure .1

Here is where Steel Reef enters the picture:

At our gas processing facilities natural gas flows from upstream producers to one of our facilities where it undergoes a series of processes designed to separate the different hydrocarbons into usable and salable products; sales gas, Ethane, PropaneButane and condensate. 

At our oil processing facilities (batteries), we separate oil effluent into three products; crude oil, water and natural gas.

At our oil transportation, storage, and terminaling facilities, we transport and store oil from producer oil batteries to downstream infrastructure.